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Evangelism Tip 89

by Les Goertz on Wednesday, August 28, 2013 10:00 AM

Remember, we are not in charge!

In evangelism, all of us are involved in “sales and promotion” but never in “management”.   God is in the driver’s seat.  He knows each person’s need.  He understands our inability to convert anyone.  God is pleased when we leave the entire outcome in His hands.  Where did we ever get the idea it was our job to “save the lost”?  Allowing God to be in charge takes away all the pressure.  If people resist our conversation about Jesus, that's fine.  Trying to close every deal, as a salesperson, will tend to 'blow people out of the water'. 

Jesus never forced people into His kingdom and He certainly didn’t instruct us to force people into His kingdom.  Leaving Him in charge is the best way to proceed.

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